A community based organization located in Jinja Uganda East Africa


About Us

We are a community based organization located in Jinja Uganda East Africa. Our aim is to better the lives of orphans through the provision of basic needs including feeding, health, education, clothing, water, shelter.

These children most of them lost Parents and others have but live in abduct poverty and need help for their welfare as Parents can not cater for their needs. Other parents are alcoholics, others are domestically violent, others are imprisoned, their are a series of serious reasons why these children need your help.

We are staying in an old structure , we don’t own it and it belongs to one elder in the village. We need to raise $150,000 for our dream forever home where we can raise and up-bring Orphans in Jinja District this is our long term vision and we really would love to realise it.

A new conducive environment where we can have projects like art and crafts, talent development and sports ,child care spiritual lessons/ Biblical education. God bless you as you join us to change the lives of church.

Can always donate to us through our advocators.

  • Name: Wambi Isaac
  • Name: Wambi Kenneth
  • Donate: PAYPAL
  • Donate : World Remit link https://branch.worldremit.com/RhGkEhqHseb


Our Mission

We are licenced Community bases Organisation ( CBO) basesd in Jinja, East Africa. The organisation was set up and run by the father of Wambi Isaac and his family in early 2017. In order to meet the growing needs of orphaned children in extreme poverty. These children's parent were nomads who came from Northern Uganda. They came looking for jobs other than cattle rearing, shelter and social services due to the problems faced in their region such as diseases for example Ebola, malaria, dysentery, trachoma etc, scarce water, tribal Wars and poverty. In jinja they worked in factories with very little pay. They settled and created a slum known as Sauri yako in Masese division Jinja. Some died and they left their children impoverished and in marginalised lives with no one to take care of them. These children used to live on streets of Jinja town and they used to pick scraps on dust bin so as they can get the little money to buy snacks to live on. The children currently live at our orphanage and some with their relatives. We are currently renting the place where the children are staying for the time being with hope of owning our own orphanage and a learning center in the future with you help. The children always come together daily for meal. Our mission is to provide basic needs, fight poverty, ignorance, diseases among orphans and Vulnerable Children to become self-confident and grow up as God fearing citizens who can contribute to the economic and social development of Uganda as well as the World. Our desire is to better the lives of the children and plan to build an orphanage with a learning center and sports facilities where we can accomodate the children and provide a learning environment. We anticipate suitable land and construction costs for the project will be around $150,000. This is our long term vision and we humbly request for all kind of support to achieve this through raising funds. Though we have registered some little success in catering for these children. We are facing some challenges that need another hand to help out; - Shortage of food - Children are always disturbed by diseases and its difficult to access medication - limited funds to pay rent - limited funds to pay school fees for the children to access formal education and to get scholastic material. We would like you to help us with the following; - Enable us achieve our goal of building an orphanage with a learning center and sports facilities - funding weekly food for the children. - funding education - funding medication when we have some sick children. - funding our monthly rent. - If there is a chance you can as well send some volunteers to work with us. We are currently supported by a few donators from different countries especially United States, UK, Australia, Brazil among others as well as members of the local Community. On behalf of the children, we thank you for reading our story and considering our appeal.


Our Request

We humbly request for your continued support so as we can cater for the feeding of these children Donate today and make a positive impact in the lives of orphaned children, lives of children born in poverty stricken families , All you have to do is to make a donation through money transfers like world remit,sendwave, remitly, money gram or western Union! Soon we will have a new functioning website but we request that you can make an impact through those platforms! Remember your support means a lot in bettering the lives of children, any support is welcome! May the lord bless you as you give peace and love.


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Email us directly at rhinorippleuganda@gmail.com or kindly fill out the below form as we would love to hear from you.